Patrick McBride
Patrick McBride Art

Patrick McBride

I create the same kind of artwork that I am drawn to: bold and colorful, simple and dynamic. I’m excited when my artwork brings a smile to my face; I’m in a great place when it brings joy to my heart.

What does this? Vibrant acrylic hues, dramatic shapes, occasionally a humorous element, and at times a frenetic energy that makes one step back in wonder. Sometimes I work from sketches, but my abstract work is spontaneous, painted with many layers. My aim is a balance of form, color, brightness, textures, images and the relationships these elements have with one another.

My biggest inspirations are both nature — its colors, shapes and patterns — and the energy and surroundings of life in the city. I’m a Gemini, which means having two distinct personalities. Creating simple pieces then working on something more complex helps balance those two sides of myself – calm and quiet versus lively and energetic.

I hope that my artwork elicits smiles, a moment to contemplate, and possibly the sense that while life can at times feel a jumbled mess, there’s also brightness and hope.

My biggest influences are Picasso, Joan Miró, Stuart Davis, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, Robert Rauschenberg, modern architecture and 1950s-60s kitsch.